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Welcome to the Person of Interest Discussion Forum!  We are excited to have so many new members and fans of Person of Interest joining in on the discussions here. 

We thought we should take a moment to formally introduce ourselves and describe the concept of this particular website.

This is a home-grown, fan-created site, co-founded and co-moderated by Mamahub and Blacktop, who met at the Season Two Premiere of Person of Interest in Tribeca NYC held in September 2012.  (For those who are interested, our reports on the Tribeca event can be found here - http://www.personofinterestdiscussion.com/node/99 ).  We are absolutely dedicated fans who believe that this is the best show currently airing on network television.  We are fan-run, fan-funded, and a not-for-profit website.  We run the site purely out of our love and respect for the show, the showrunners, cast and crew. 

Although we have differing views on some aspects of the show, we have great respect for each other and are grateful to have met at such a wonderful event.  Our initial vision for this website was to create a fun, safe and lively space to discuss each and every detail of our favorite show.

As we talked in person, over the phone and online during the days after our first meeting, several ideas emerged.  We wanted a place that was friendly and open to all sorts of opinions.  We hoped to foster extended conversations among POI fans about the show, its episodes, themes, mythology, productions, and scripts.  We wanted to be able to explore in depth the development of the four major characters -- Reese, Finch, Carter, and Fusco -- as well as the many supporting and recurring characters that populate this fictional universe.

We also wanted a place where readers could post recommendations about the best in fan fiction, representing all styles, inclinations, and points of view.  Spoilers and speculation about the future direction of the show are a significant part of the forum discussion as well.  But we wanted to make sure that spoiler hounds could get all the detail we crave, while those who resist spoilers would not be exposed to them without warning.

We wanted to post links to resources for enhancing our understanding and enjoyment of this show.  Links to media coverage, photos, fan art works and videos would also play a major role on this new forum.

We wanted a chat room where fans could gather for real-time conversation on any subject under the POI sun, a place where fans could become friends.

As far as format was concerned, in creating this new discussion forum we took transparency and ease of use as our prime directive.  Lively, friendly, informative, fun, substantial, and comprehensive.  These are the qualities we are striving for with our new forum.  We were greatly aided in this effort by the technical work of Carlhub (our resident “Finch”), whose tireless contributions to the design and technical maintenance of this forum is essential.  We quite literally would not be here without Carlhub!

We hope you will take time to read through all of the many threads and various discussions on this site.  We welcome vigorous discussion of all aspects of Person of Interest.  And we recognize that there are many different views and opinions about the show, the characters, and the creative team behind the show.

As you will see some of the fans have the view that there is a possible romantic relationship between Reese and Carter.  Other fans feel that there is a possible romantic relationship between Reese and Finch.  Others believe that there are no romantic relationships on the show at all.  All of these views are represented on this forum.  Civility is an important feature of this forum and we strongly believe that it is crucial to our continued success as a community.  It is expected that participants will be courteous and kind toward each other at all times.  Under the main discussion threads, if you disagree with a viewpoint you are free to do so, within the guidelines presented in the site rules.  But under the specific “Ship” threads, the polite thing to do is to simply ignore those postings you disagree with. 

Please review the Site Rules found at http://www.personofinterestdiscussion.com/node/36#

Thank you again for your interest. We are absolutely thrilled with the way our little idea has taken off with new members and new viewers joining the community every day.  We look forward to reading and chatting with you all about our favorite show.

Many Happy POI Discussions!

Mamahub and Blacktop


Update as of 4/7/14: 

This Forum is now over a year and half old, as more than 1200 registered members, with literally countless "lurkers" or unregistered viewers from almost every country in the world.  Welcome and THANK YOU to ALL OF YOU for participating in this terrific venture.  We appreciate each and every one of you!

Please feel free to browse through the wealth of threads and resources which have been created and stored here since the inception of the site.  And feel free to start a new thread or discussion at any time, on any subject at all.  Also, if you are looking for something in particular, please feel free to ask questions - There is no such thing as a "dumb" question or thread.  There are many of us who have been on the site and with the show since its inception, and there are many of us who are completely new to the show and to the site.  We "veterans" are always thrilled to have new members and new fans join us - and always enjoying sharing our love and knowledge of the show with others. 




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Thanks for inviting me!!!

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Great job, Mamahub! I love that you've written up this welcome for the many new fans arriving here daily! I click on names of new members and it's so fun to see they are coming from all over the world. POI has really taken off and so has your wonderful site!

What continues to amaze me and make me happy is that so many viewers who never heard of "media fandom" have decided to start actively participating in POI fandom. It's becoming a pheonomenon itself. Star Trek, the mother of all fandoms, captured imaginations in away few shows had before and caused those who might have spent all their time sitting at home thinking about life's mundane details to start talking about "a mere tv show" and being creative by writing and doing artwork etc. Person of interest has done the same thing and it's very exciting to know that regular viewers are becoming actively participating fans all because of this wonderful show!


"I've been watching you for a long time, John." "I'm pretty sure I'd be dead already if you hadn't found me."

I think I like this program because it appeals to my intellectual curiosity. It is the only TV show I watch other than the evening news. We are at a stage of technology where computers can be programmed with human like qualities (ie:Siri"), so the "machine" starting to verbally communicate with Reese and Root is just the beginning.  I look forward to next season.

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Love this site Mamahub, Blacktop and Carlhub.

Just a thank you for making it possible. It is a literal lifeline, and the best part of it is being able to share in the excitement with everyone, reading all the comments and the live chat!


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I am a french woman, but I don't write very well english, but I can read it.
It's a pleasure to read your site, thank you,
Et en plus, il y a une traduction automatique en Français, alors un grand merci pour cela aussi !

 " An douar so kozh med n'eo ket sod " (breton) ... "La terre est vieille mais elle n'est pas folle" ( français)

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Mamahub, Blacktop, Carlhub for this forum & giving POI fan(atics) heart a place to meet like minded irrelevents! yes

"maybe it's up to me to do what the good people can't? Or maybe there are no good people? Maybe there are only good decisions"

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You are most welcome - and "welcome" to the Forum!

Reese and Finch - ALWAYS

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Welcome to the forum, elias5dee!  We are delighted that you have joined us!  There is  much to read and explore in the many discussion threads here, so I hope you dive in and have a wonderful time.

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Thanks Mamahub & Blacktop for your welcome! smiley I'm enjoying checking out various threads as well as reading the tutorials! So many goodies I don't know where to start, ha!
I hope to begin watching season 5 at the weekend, got a multi region portable dvd player & a region 1 season 5 box set! But just knowing it's the final season will be tough. frown

"maybe it's up to me to do what the good people can't? Or maybe there are no good people? Maybe there are only good decisions"