Main Discussion - S5 E13 - Return 0 - the FINALE!

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Main Discussion - S5 E13 - Return 0 - the FINALE!

The long awaited, long dreaded finale of Person of Interest is finally upon us.  I know I will be awash in emotions.  If you survive the episode, let us know what you think

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I am assuming there's no-one brain-dead enough to read this thread without having seen the ep first, so here goes.
"Conflicted" does not even begin to describe my feelings about this ep. There was much about it which was marvellous. The different interactions between the various characters, all perfect. And yes, if John was going to be killed, this was the way to go - doing something worth while, taking a host of his enemies with him. And I'm glad that everyone else survived (Root living on as TM).
But I guess it comes down to this - all the talk about a bloodbath and sacrifice and not everyone gets out alive comes down to Reese's sacrifice, Reese's blood and Reese's death. In the end the price was paid by Reese. Maybe JC is doomed to take That Role with him wherever he goes. So it wasn't just the dog that was safe. They all were. Because of Reese.
Sorry. Overly emotional now. I'll post a fuller response once I've composed myself.

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Timeless Dreamer2
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First off, I NEVER post on the forums. I just don't but I can sum this up neatly in just a few words. Oh my God, OH my God, Oh MY God, OH MY GOD! This brilliant, beautiful bit of fiction is why we loved this show from the word go, and it is why it will continue to make us fail about like babies needing a bottle for YEARS! 
Despite the heart wrenching, and the tears and the very elaborate curses that DID in fact make my dog look at me funny, this was still a brilliant thing and is really worthy of being the finale. 

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The Past:
Thanks for the job, Harold. Don't try to find me.
The Future:
Thanks for the job, Harold. It's been fun...

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Seriously, I did my best to NOT HOPE for an ending like this! Granted, I think the logic and loose ends are wibbily wobbily all over the place, but the emotional notes hit almost perfect chords in my heart, so I'm not feeling especially critical at the moment. 

Oh, MY HEART! No wonder the rooftop scenes with TM and John and Harold made such an impression on Chris Fisher. I told a few people I'd really hoped the rooftop scene reflected/reinforced/echoed the rooftop scene of Dead Reckoning, and I think it did AND HOW!!

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“One prefers, of course, on all occasions to be stainless and above reproach, but, failing that, the next best thing is unquestionably to have got rid of the body.”― P.G. Wodehouse

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well I'll be watching this with my underwear on my head, that's the only thing I know for sure.     Here's hoping it's real tough to watch!    Yes.   Difficult viewing please!  
thanks for sticking with the show, everyone.      Denise thanks you too, I'm sure.   Which Denise is that, you ask?   THE Denise.   Denise The.    Fascinating name, which taught her from an early age how to keep a television show fascinating.
I'd like to thank my brother Tucker at this time also.   And really everyone who made this night possible. 
And if you're looking to fill the void left by Mr. Reese's departure remember on July 1st it's season 2 of Killjoys on Syfy which features the same show dynamic pretty much only she's a British-talking spaceship pilot/assassin with a Level 6 father who wants to use her to start (or manage) a space apocalypse.   You know, it may be tougher than I thought to replace Person of Interest. 
Well, like I started off saying, Godbless us each and every one, including the athiests unless that offends them.   And much love for a show that captivated me real hard for 3 seasons and even in season 4 it didn't smell very bad at all and still entertained quite nicely, and 5 has been a nice capper to a wonderful storytelling experience that aimed at...... Relevance.

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I don`t even know where to start. 
I can live with this series finale even with a couple of so-so seasons and episodes, I can live this. I can say it ended well. And I can`t say that for many shows. 
I did catch myself crying which dosen`t happen a lot. .....
*Edit* My Tumblr post.
Tonight was the series finale for the sci-fi crime thriller Person of Interest. A show that helped challenged network programming and had some the best productions a show could offer. 
I am not going to spoil anything about the finale, but I will say for me it ended on a good note. While the finale was filled with heart wrenching moments and non-stop action, it was also filled with a good message. 
I had written a post almost couple of years ago how science fiction can be an exploration of humanity itself. Sometimes making us look at it`s beauty and ugliness for what it is. Complicated, hopeful, doubtful,and the free will. 
Person of Interest helped embody this look into humanity through the eyes of two AIs. Its human characters representing the same questions and themes. 
I apologize for rambling. Person of Interest may have had its ups and downs through out its five season run, but it still managed to the impossible. It deified a network, it deified odds that were stacked against, but all stories need to come to end. 
I owe this show a lot, and not just for entertainment reason or for my love of science fiction.  When I returned to watching Person of Interest in 2013 I was beginning to hit a low point. Somehow stumbled onto a forum and joined fandom of folks who became part of my support group of friends . This fandom has helped me through some tough times.
 I am forever grateful to this show , its crew, its cast, and its creators. Not too mention the fans and those I have come to call my friends. 
Thank you again, @mamahub, Blacktop, and Carlhub for creating
Thank you POI for the wild ride these last few years. 

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Nice post! Be Well. heart

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Initial purely emotional response - AMAZING GREEK TRAGEDY LEVEL ENDING - I'll be crying forever - John would have wanted it this way - but it was sooooo hard to watch.

Incredible acting by all involved.

The rooftop scene is a beautiful callback to Dead Reckoning - including the Chrysler Building being framed so beautifully in the background.

Reese and Finch's goodbyes - Reese sacrificing himself for Harold - he wouldn't have it any other way - Smiling and crying at each other - my Boys - my BBs - Rinch - Always - What an ending

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Reese and Finch - ALWAYS

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I'm not able to put together a post worth this episode right now.  I was very impressed - even more than usual - by everyone's performance tonight.
There should have been more, but what we have from Harold, John, Root, Fusco, Shaw and Bear was precious, something we won't see matched anywhere else in television.
Loved the ending too, but that's for later.

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Verbal Kint
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It will be very tough indeed to match this wonderful, amazing, compelling, unique, troublesome show.
But I hope someone tries.

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Bring back THE Machine!


I know. I am left thinking, What Now? What could ever captivate me and make me feel this way... Is television viewing over for me? Lol. 
I would LOVE to create a show as impactful. This show is SO, SO HUMAN. 
And SO, SO RELEVANT to today's Establishment world being attempted to put over on us... HOPE it woke and continues to wake people up!! I am still sharing about it and 'talking' friends into watching it.....

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